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Foula Electricity Trust

Client: Foula Electricity Trust

Date: Phase 1 completed in June 2008. Phase 2 completed October 2011

Value: Not Stated

Work Description: As main contractor Malakoff have been working with the Foula Electricity Trust to install a renewable energy system on the Island. In order to complete the works, Malakoff have posted a Project Manager and some of our skilled workforce on Foula for the duration of the project.

Due to its remote location, Foula has frequently suffered long periods where fuel would be unable to be delivered to the island due to adverse weather. This often lead to the electricity supply being rationed and turned off completely during the night.

Phase 1 

  • Installation of a 19kW bank of Photovoltaic cells
  • Installation of 140kW/hrs battery packs to store harvested solar energy
  • Replacing an existing Hydro-generator and installing a new Hydro-Generator at an additional site
  • Laying a 1000m pipeline between the Hydro-generator sites.



Phase 2 

  • Removal of existing, tempremental Wind Turbine
  • Installation of 3 new 10kW Westwind wind turbines
  • Building, fitting out and commisioning of the Wind Croft - control centre for the turbines.
  • Installation of additional battery packs in Photovoltaic energy system to store additional energy. 




Malakoff worked closely with FLJ contractors, Wind and Sun and  Senergy Econnect to complete this project.

For more information on the Foula Electricity Scheme visit: and