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FV Quiet Waters

Client: N/A

Date: 1981-2011

Value: N/A

Work Description:  The Quiet Waters was a Lerwick registered fishing boat that ran aground on Atla Holm, just off Burra, during Rough weather in May 2011. All crew were rescued by the Coastguard Helicopter while the gales continued to batter the stricken vessel.

Although not part of the main salvage operation, Malakoff were awarded the contract to collect and dispose of any debris that was washed ashore in the weeks following the grounding. This involved scouring the coast around the grounding site periodically over a few months following the incident and then collecing and disposing of any debris that was found.

The Quiet Waters is a familiar face to Malakoff, having been on our slipways several times over the years.