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VOE 21

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VOE 21 Landing Craft

Client: Various

Date: VOE Landing Craft have been in production since 2004

Value: Job Specific

Work Description: Like the standard Voe 21, the Landing Craft is strong, durable and built to Lloyds and MCA Workboat codes. The Aluminium workboat is built to last and can withstand the trials of heavy duty commercial use.

The Landing Craft has the opening bow that allows easy access to the deck; ideal for:

  • Passenger embarkation and disembarkation from beach or boat ramp.
  • Plant equipment can be loaded without the need of a crane
  • Livestock can be herded aboard and transported safely and securely.




The layout of the Landing Craft can be designed to suit the requirements of the customer. Some of the options include:

  • Console or Cuddy for control panels, steering wheel, navigation equipment.
  • Seating and handrails for passenger safety
  • Increased mounting points for cargo straps
  • Lockers for onboard storeage





The Landing Craft is only available with an Outboard propulsion system as an Inboard system would reduce deck space.